Saskatchewan Immigration New Pilot

Saskatchewan Immigration – New Pilot
Saskatchewan announced a new immigration pilot on November 25.The Hard-To-Fill Skills Pilot in Saskatchewan allows employers to recruit foreign talent for specific in-demand occupations. This new program for the Saskatchewan immigration pilot include includes entry-level jobs positions that may require on-the-job training. In fact, health, manufacturing, agriculture, ag-tech, construction, hospitality, and retail areas have the highest demands in Saskatchewan.In a recent media release, Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said, “The demand for labour in our province is strong, and it’s only going to increase with the significant economic projects recently announced in Saskatchewan.” He also added that “This pilot project is designed to attract talent and a great program for all sectors currently experiencing labour recruitment challenges in the province. While we always work hard to exhaust every opportunity to hire locally, we have to be creative to ensure we have the right labour supply to help our business and communities grow and thrive in Saskatchewan, something this very unique program will be especially helpful with post-COVID.” Furthermore, candidates under this Saskatchewan immigration Pilot will receive support from their employers and community. Then, they can successfully establish themselves in the province.

Saskatchewan New Immigration Pilot- Criteria

The eligibility criteria for workers under this Saskatchewan immigration pilot include:
  • Hold a full-time, permanent offer of employment.
  • Have a SINP job approval letter for an eligible occupation from a registered Saskatchewan employer.
  • Meet a minimum Canadian official language level.
  • Have at least one year of work experience in the same occupation listed in your job offer or have six-months work experience in that job in Saskatchewan.
  • Meet the educational requirement. ( not specified yet)

 Employers Criteria

If an employer wants to be eligible under this new immigration pilot in Saskatchewan, they must prove that:
  • They have made great efforts to hire domestically before using the pilot for recruitment.
  • Demonstrate the need and benefit for their business
  • Fulfill the requirements of providing settlement support for the workers. 
So far, no further criteria have been specified. The pilot is to launch in December 2021. Contact us to have more information about the program and start your immigration journey.

More Pathways to Immigrate to Saskatchewan

To immigrate under the Canada immigration Provincial Nominee Program of Saskatchewan, foreigners have four streams to choose from. Indeed, it depends on their profile.
  • International Skilled Worker
  • Worker with Saskatchewan Work Experience
  • Entrepreneur
  • Farm Owner and Operator
The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP) is an excellent pathway for immigration to Canada. It allows the province to send Invitations to apply to foreigners who want to settle in Saskatchewan. 

Canada Saskatchewan Immigration Points Calculator

As we mentioned before, there are many options to immigrate to Canada. One of them is the provincial immigration nominee program in Saskatchewan. It is a points calculator system to allow foreigners to settle in Canada. Consequently, to qualify, you need at least 60 points.The SINP uses an Expression of Interest (EOI). Therefore, the Saskatchewan Immigration Points Calculator for Canada is based on applicants’ age, work experience, language skills, education and connections to the province.
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