Success Story: Work Permit

Success Story: Work Permit

Mohammad’s Journey to Canadian Work Permit

At mana immigration, we pride ourselves on turning dreams into reality. Our mission is to help individuals like Mohammad, 45 years of age, navigate the intricate world of immigration, making their aspirations of working and thriving in Canada a tangible and achievable reality. Today, we’re thrilled to share the inspiring success story of Mohammad, a visionary entrepreneur from Iran, whose journey we had the privilege of guiding.

Hailing from Iran, Mohammad’s entrepreneurial spirit knew no bounds. With a passion for construction and a determination to carve his mark on the world, he embarked on a journey to take his business beyond borders. Eager to expand his horizons, he sought out mana immigration, recognizing our commitment to excellence in facilitating work permit applications through the Intra Company Transferee (ICT) program.

Accuracy and Commitment

Our professional team took care of every single necessary step to register Mohammad’s business in Ontario, Canada. As a matter of fact, we meticulously handled the intricate paperwork, ensuring that all the legal requirements were met. With attention to detail, we crafted a comprehensive business plan that showcased Mohammad’s expertise in the construction field, highlighting the value he would bring to the Canadian market. In other words, we meticulously compiled and prepared all the necessary documents, leaving no stone unturned. Our personalized approach and strategic guidance ensured that Mohammad’s application truly stood out.

Finally, the great news arrived—Mohammad’s work permit approval! As a matter of fact, his dream of making a mark in the Canadian construction industry is now within reach and he is ready to start his new life in Canada.

Work Permit Approved
Mohammad’s Passport Request Letter

Today, Mohammad’s story serves as a testament to the power of determination, unwavering support, and expert guidance. Actually, as he embarks on this new chapter of his life, we stand by his side, ready to support him in his pursuit of Canadian success. If you, like Mohammad, are ready to take the next step toward realizing your Canadian dream, we’re here to turn that dream into a reality.

How mana immigration Can Help

Are you planning to work in Canada? The success narratives we share underscore the significant impact of mana immigration in aiding families and individuals to gain entry into Canada. If you or your family are facing challenges in securing a Canadian visa, we strongly suggest completing our assessment form. Furthermore, feel free to contact us to arrange a free consultation session. Also, stay connected with us on social media to remain informed about additional information and the latest developments related to immigration matters. So, are you ready to talk to us about your dream of living in Canada?

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