International Dental Advanced Training Program

International Dental Advanced Training Program

International dentists from around the world are cordially invited to Toronto, Canada for four days of intense advanced training in the field of bone grafting and implantology. In the International Dental Advanced Training Program, participants will be provided with scientifically based didactic lecture presentations, implant treatment planning work­shops, observation of live patient surgical, grafting and prosthetic implant procedures, and practical hands-on exercises with simulated models, pig jaws and human cadavers. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to expand their professional network by connecting with dentists from around the globe. 

Upon completing the course, participants will receive a “Fellowship Diploma” from The Institute for Dental Excellence and a “Certificate of Course Completion” from the Continuing Education Depart­ment from University of Toronto.


The Institute for Dental Excellence (T.I.D.E) is a multidisciplinary and multi-levelled continuing dental education provider. Participants of T.I.D.E courses have the opportunity to attend lectures, and engage in hands-on CE dental training, live patient implant surgery courses, and hands-on cadaver training.

The courses and instructors provide scientifically-based clinical protocols through the seamless integration of art and science. At The Institute for Dental Excellence, they are committed to preparing you and your practice to excel and reach the pinnacle. They strive to train you and your team members to meet the challenges clinicians face in daily practice.

Course Details

Co-sponsored with The Institute for Dental Excellence (T.I.D.E) and mana immigration, students in this program will participate in hands-on cadaver training and observe live patient procedures at the University of Toronto.

Duration: 4 Days 


  • University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry: 124 Edward Street Toronto, ON M5G 1G6,
  • The Institute for Dental Excellence: 88 Finch Ave E, North York, ON M2N 4R5

Course Director: Dr. Mark Lin (Certified Prosthodontist)

Course Faculty: Various Certified Dental Specialists 

The Institute for Dental Excellence (T.I.D.E).
Dental specialists at T.I.D.E, with Dr. Mark Lin.


mana immigration can provide you with the necessary services to travel to Canada, participate in this program and guide you through future opportunities in Canada. Participants in this program will be eligible for an all-inclusive package which includes:

  • Invitation Letter from the University of Toronto
  • Canada Visitor Visa 
  • Hotel Accommodation 
  • Transportation to the school 
  • Breakfast and lunches during course dates 
  • Welcome and Graduation Dinner 
  • Practical hands-on exercises 
  • Lectures about future opportunities in Canada
  • “Fellowship Diploma” from The Institute for Dental Excellence
  • Certificate of Course Completion from University of Toronto

Each day will focus on a different specialization and workshop for the entire week.

DAY 1 – Comprehensive Implant Treatment Planning

  • Fundamentals and treatment planning in implantology
  • Conventional tooth replacement therapies versus dental implants supported prosthetics
  • Risk factors and patient selection criteria for dental implants
  • Biomechanical considerations in implant treatment planning
  • Utilization of CBCT imaging parameters and software implant treatment planning
  • Selection of implant numbers, diameters and lengths for various implant recipient sites
  • Implant Treatment Workshop:
    • Posterior Single implant replacement
    • Multiple posterior quadrant implant replacement
    • Maxillary Anterior Aesthetic implant replacement
    • Maxillary Posterior implant replacement
    • Full arch edentulous implant replacement options from removable to fixed prosthetics
  • Introduction of T.I.D.E. faculty instructors and meeting course participants
  • Review immigration options to Canada as foreign international trained dentists
  • Licensing options to practice dentistry in Canada

DAY 2 – Surgical Principles and Advanced Bones Grafting

  • Goals of implant surgery
  • Various surgical guides to aid in precise 3-dimensional implant placements
  • Pre-surgical checklist prior to implant surgery
  • Concept of guided bone regeneration
  • Management of posterior maxilla with indirect sinus augmentations and simultaneous implant placement 
  • Immediate anterior and posterior implant placements with anterior immediate provisionalization
  • Live patient surgical demonstration with audio and video feedback 
  • Hands-on workshop:
    • Bone block density
    • Simulated model-based implant placements
    • Model-based guided implant surgery protocol
    • Indirect sinus augmentation with a simulated model
    • Suturing techniques with suture pads

DAY 3 – Discover Canada with mana immigration

Spend the day with the mana immigration team:

  • Sightseeing tours at Canada’s most popular tourist destinations – Niagara Falls and the CN Tower
  • Exceptional dining experiences at top-rated restaurants for lunch and dinner.
  • Networking with experienced dentists from around the world.
  • Insightful information on future opportunities in Canada, covering a range of topics, including practicing dentistry, exploring study and research options at world-renowned institutions, and establishing and managing dental clinics within the country.

DAY 4 – Fundamentals of Implant Prosthetics

  • Confirmation of implant osseointegration
  • Selection options for an open tray, closed tray, engaging, and non-engaging impression copings.
  • Scan bodies for digital impressions
  • Protocols for implant screw-retained versus cement-retained implant prosthesis
  • Implant occlusion for various types of implant fixed and removable prosthesis
  • Utilization of T-scan to confirm occlusion for distribution, timing and intensity
  • Management of parafunctional clenching and grinding habits
  • Live patient implant prosthetic demonstration with audio and video feedback
  • Hands-on workshop:
    • Simulated impressions with open versus closed tray impressions
    • Utilization of scan bodies for digital impressions
    • Cement retained protocol to prevent cement trap
    • Screw retained protocol to prevent screw loosening or screw fracture
    • T-scan demonstration of participant’s occlusion and treatment needs

DAY 5 – Full Day Human Cadaver Hands-On Workshop

  • Soft tissue flap design for various zones
  • Atraumatic extractions with socket preservation techniques
  • Harvesting of autogenous bone from tuberosity, ramus and symphysis zones
  • Guided bone regeneration with implant placement and suturing techniques
  • Indirect sinus grafting with implant placements
  • Anatomy dissection review for zones of danger for implant surgery
  • Prevention and management of implant complications
  • Written examination to review important concepts from the week
  • Receive “Fellowship Diploma” from The Institute For Dental Excellence
  • Receive “Certification of Course Completion” from University of Toronto
  • University of Toronto presentations on research opportunities, post-graduate studies and future collaboration options
  • Award ceremony for the top 3 highest final exam scores
  • Door prizes for course participants
  • Group pictures
  • Farewell and future collaboration opportunities
International Dental Advanced Training Program. Founder of T.I.D.E Dr. Mark Lin.
Dr. Mark Lin, Certified Prosthodontist and Founder of T.I.D.E


Applications are now open. Click here to register.

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