New Policies for International Students

New Policies for International Students

Due to a substantial increase in housing and living expenses faced by international students, the federal government is currently examining immigration policies concerning these students. This decision follows Minister Marc Miller’s willingness to reassess the enrollment of international students, particularly due to concerns related to fraudulent activities. While some might view reducing the issuance of study permits as an opposition to immigration, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada chooses not to impose limits on study permits as it does for permanent residency initiatives. Instead, they are focusing on implementing more efficient strategies to considerably decrease the yearly intake of students coming to Canada.

Canada Modernizes the International Student Program

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is planning to update its International Student Program and policies through the implementation of a Trusted Institution Framework by 2024. This framework aims to establish a two-tiered system, where post-secondary institutions will undergo evaluation based on specific criteria to demonstrate their credibility as partners. Institutions that satisfy these criteria will enjoy advantages like faster application processing. Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) will need to furnish additional information to the government, encompassing metrics such as student retention rates, timely program completion rates, income generated from international tuition fees, expenditure on support services for international students, availability of accommodation, and the ratio of teachers to students. The government intends to identify the initial Trusted Institution designations by the spring of 2024, and there might be considerations regarding capping the admission of international students due to the swift rise in the number of applications.

An IRCC spokesperson mentioned, “Given that these discussions are ongoing, IRCC cannot speculate on any future policy decisions. However, any new developments would be communicated publicly.”

Meanwhile, Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Housing, and Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, stated earlier this week that the government might have to contemplate imposing limits on the number of international students coming to Canada. Minister Fraser remarked in an interview with CBC News on August 22, “The International Student Program makes extraordinary economic and social contributions to Canada, But what we’ve seen recently is that there has been such rapid growth, given that the program is typically uncapped, that certain communities are having difficulties managing the population growth that [the ISP] has attracted.”

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