Canadian Passport Ranks 6th Globally in Latest Ranking

Canadian Passport Ranks 6th Globally in Latest Ranking

In the current year, the Canadian passport has advanced in the Henley Passport Index ranking, moving up from the eighth position to the sixth position. It achieved a total score of 186 points, surpassing several other countries’ passports in the rankings. The Henley Passport Index evaluates 199 passports for access to 227 travel destinations and provides rankings for the top 104 passports. Canada is well-known for possessing one of the world’s most influential passports, granting visa-free entry to 185 destinations. At the pinnacle of the rankings is the Singaporean passport, which holds the top spot with a score of 193.

Updated on a quarterly basis, this index is widely regarded as the benchmark reference for both global citizens and sovereign nations to gauge the standing of a passport in the global mobility landscape.

Canadian Passport Ranking

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