ICT program The Fastest Way To Work in Canada

ICT program – The Fastest Way To Work in Canada
Suppose you are currently working for a company that has a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in Canada. In that case, you may be eligible to get a work permit under the Intra-Company Transferee – ICT Canada program.  
  • What is the Intra-company Transferee program? Best known as the ICT Canada program,  It is a business program for international workers to relocate and work in Canada temporarily. It has one of the fastest processing times, within 4 months.
The ICT program in Canada gives applicants a temporary work permit for one year, with a renewable option for up to 7 years. Moreover, applicants can move to Canada with their close family members. In that case, the spouse can get an open work permit, and dependent children can attend school for free.Under the ICT program in Canada, business owners can transfer key employees or even themselves to open a Canadian branch or run Canadian operations. Also, it is an LMIA exempt program. Then, employers can relocate international staff without obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). In other words, it can certainly be your fastest pathway to live and work in Canada. Keep in mind that you may use this work experience when applying for permanent residency. In fact, it is a highly valued factor under the CRS points-based immigration system.  

What Does the Government Think About The ICT Canada Program?

Overall, the local Government fully supports immigrant investors to start new ventures in Canada. Indeed, qualified international workers under the intra-company transferee program provide ‘significant economic benefit to Canada’ by transferring their knowledge and expertise into the Canadian labour market.In fact, that’s one of the reasons why the ICT Canada processing time is one of the fastest.

ICT Canada: Categories to Qualify

Firstly, you should know that candidates must be classified under one of the following categories to qualify:
  • Executives: This category is for international workers who mostly direct the company or are a significant component.
  • Senior managers: People who manage part of the enterprise and supervise the work of other directors or professional employees.
  • Workers with ‘specialized knowledge’: Someone who can demonstrate specialized knowledge of the business’s product or has vast expertise in the processes and procedures.
For all the cases, international workers need to have at least one year of full-time work experience with a foreign company before qualifying for the ICT program in Canada. Also, they must come to perform comparable work and it must be a qualifying relationship between the employer and employee. 

ICT Work Permit Duration

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), work permits under the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) program in Canada usually have a one-year duration. However, applicants may renew it for up to 7 years. For renewals, you may need to provide proof of the following information: 
  • The foreign and the Canadian company still have a qualifying relationship.
  • The Canadian branch or subsidiary has committed to providing goods or services for the past year.
  • The new Canadian office is properly staffed.

From ICT Transferee to Canadian PR 

If you are wondering how can you transition from ICT to PR in Canada, you should know that Intra-company transferees hold strong profiles to receive their Permanent Residency. How to do it?After completing at least one year of Canadian work experience, most international workers can apply for their permanent status through the Express Entry system. Indeed, it is one of the leading economic immigration programs in Canada. Besides, after completing at least one year of Canadian work experience, you receive more points for your profile in the Express Entry pool. Also, since ICT candidates don’t need an LMIA, the process to claim their points is relatively straightforward. As a result, it improves their options to receive an invitation to apply.However, there are also other options beyond the Express Entry system to transition to PR from ICT in Canada. Such as via one of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Canada ICT Processing Time

As we mentioned before, the ICT program is one of the fastest immigration and business programs in Canada. Currently, it takes between 12 and 16 weeks to complete your process. Also, it is one great option to transition from Canada ICT to PR.

Documents for Intra-Company Transferees :

 So, if you meet the criteria of the ICT program and want to apply, here is a list of the documents you require for the ICT Canada program: 
  • Signed and complete application forms for the LMIA-exempt work permit.
  • Job offer submitted via the Employer Portal.
  • Complete Business Plan.
  • Documents that support the relationship between your foreign company and the Canadian company. It can be business tax returns, profit and loss statements, business licenses, partnership agreements, business tax returns, bank statements, etc.
  • Proof of your current employment as an ICT applicant. For example, a work reference letter, pay stubs, dividend payments, shareholder certificates, etc.
  • The Invitation Letter from your Canadian company.
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FAQ About ICT Canada

  • How long is the ICT Canada processing time?
The average processing time for the Intra-Company Transfer is 10-12 weeks, but priority processing options exist. Depending on each person’s situation, sometimes it can be processed in just two (2) weeks. 
  • Can I switch jobs under the ICT program in Canada?
No. Under the ICT program, you cannot change your job. This work permit only allows you to work under your work permit conditions. Therefore, you can only work for the employer listed on your current ICT Canada visa. 
  • Can my spouse come and work in Canada?
Yes. Under the ICT Canada visa, spouses can get an open work permit. It means they can work whenever they want in Canada. Also, dependent children can attend public school for free.
  • Can I use my Intra-Company transferee work experience to apply for PR?
Yes. ICT to PR in Canada is possible. In fact, workers are in a strong position to get it. However, you need to complete at least one year of Canadian work experience and meet the other criteria to submit your Express Entry profile. 
  • Does an ICT work permit require an LMIA?
No, you don’t require an LMIA (labour market impact assessment). It means that your application will be faster, and you can use your Canadian work experience to apply for your Permanent residency. 
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