Being a Business Visitor in Canada

Being a Business Visitor in Canada
Canada is a multicultural country full of opportunities for everyone. And, a business visitor is always welcome to strengthen their professional skills. However, most foreigners need a permit to enter the country. And, depending on the nature of your trip, there is a type of visa you should get.Then, if you are coming to assist in conferences, events, training, meet people from a partner company or buy Canadian goods, you need a Business Visitor Visa.

What is a Business Visitor Visa?

To summarize, you are a business visitor once you visit Canada for any international business activities without entering the labour market.But, with a business visitor visa, you can not work in Canada legally. There are short-term permits for specific activities, and you must prove your primary income is from outside Canada. However, the good news is that this visa is much easier to get. Why? Well, basically because it doesn’t require a work permit. 

Do You Need a Business Visitor Visa?

According to the Canadian Government, a business visitor is an individual temporarily visiting to look to grow their business. It could be an investment, receiving a trainee from a Canadian company, or meeting business partners. To sum up, to apply for this type of visa, you will need to prove you will meet all the obligations as a business visitor. You won’t stay more than six months, and you won’t enter the Canadian Labour Market. What are the Requirements?As a visitor, who needs to apply for a Business Visitor Visa for Canada, you must show the Government that you meet the following criteria: 
  • You will stay less than six months
  • You don’t want to join the Canadian labour market
  • Your principal place of work, business and income is not from Canada
  • Hold the required documents
  • Meet Canada’s basic entry requirements
  • Have a valid passport to travel
  • Have money for your stay in Canada
  • You want to leave Canada at finishing your visit
  • Not having criminal records

How is the Application Process?

There is no unique process for a business visitor visa to Canada. You should follow the normal application process rather than visitors. Although, you must specify you are coming for international business purposes and prove your current activities in your home country. As good advice, before you apply, check if you need it. In some cases, if you come from a visa-exempt country, you may need an electronic travel authorization to enter Canada. Not a business visitor visa.

What Documents do I Need When Arriving at the Airport?

In brief, to have a good experience entering Canada, we recommend bringing these documents in your handbag to show at immigration:
  • Valid passport. It must you used to apply for visa or eTAvs
  • Visa  
  • eTA (if you are from a visa-exempt country)
  • Business Invitation Letter from your Canadian host
  • Documents to support the purpose of your travel 
  • Information from the Canadian host
  • Proof of funds to show you have enough money for travel and to return home

How Can We Help?

Mana Immigration has taken years to select a team carefully. We are experts who work tirelessly to help our clients reach their goals. Our core values of respect, integrity, law abidance and professionalism, are at the center of every interaction and action we take.As a result, we offer a unique and tailored experience for each of our hopeful candidates. No matter your needs, we will be there to guide you and your family every step of the way. Contact us to get a free assessment.
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