Business Visitor Visa Canada – How Does it Works?

Business Visitor Visa Canada – How Does it Works?
Every year, thousands of international individuals come to do business in Canada and attend events and meetings. To do this, visitors should get a Business Visitor Visa. This visa allows qualified applicants to explore opportunities for their businesses, look for new partners and discover the Canadian culture.

Who is a Business Visitor?

A business visitor in Canada is a foreigner who visits Canada to do activities related to international trade, meet business partners, provide a service or do general business activities. This person has the right to enter Canada temporarily but can not join the Canadian workforce. 

Business Visitor Visa Requirements

If you need a business visitor visa for Canada, you need to prove you meet the following criteria: 
  1. Demonstrate that your primary source of income and businesses are outside of Canada.
  2. Show you don’t have criminal records or health-based inadmissibility
  3. Indicate that the intent of your visit is temporary

What activities can you do on a Business Visitor Visa?

If you are in Canada under a business visitor visa, these are the activities you can do while visiting the country.
  • Attend business meetings or conferences
  • Conduct site visits
  • Experience a product or sales training meeting
  • Dealing with an after-sales agreement
  • Buy goods in Canada for your foreign company
  • Do other business visit activities

Documents For Your Business Visitor Visa 

If you are applying to get a business visitor visa, you need to prove you will conduct business in Canada. To do it, you should bring the following documents: 
  1. Have the invitation of a Canadian organization
  2. Letter from an international company certifying that you are hired on a full-time basis
  3. Verification to prove that you will not come to Canada to join the workforce and for employment purposes
  4. If applicable, include a copy of the After-Sales Agreement.  
  5. Have a copy of your Passport data page
  6. If it is for a training visit, include a resume indicating you have enough experience to perform training and are only entering Canada for that particular purpose during a specific period. 
  7. Include an itinerary indicating all the activities while in Canada.
  8. Proof that demonstrates good ties to the applicants’ home country

Benefits of a Business Visitor Visa in Canada

Once you hold a Business Visitor Visa, you are free to travel across all of Canada during the time of your visa. Then, if you have family or friends, you can visit them and explore Canada’s life and nature. Also, as long as you are in Canada with a Business Visitor Visa, you can participate in business sessions, go to trade shows, meet with clients, attend conferences, and pursue lucrative business opportunities.Overall, during the time of your visa, you are free to travel across Canada and participate in business activities without requiring a work permit. Also, you may explore all the options you have to extend your visa in Canada. Therefore, you can stay longer and even start thinking about pathways to start your immigration journey. 

How To Qualify As A Business Visitor

To get a business visitor visa, you must demonstrate that you plan to visit Canada temporarily to do business activities. It means you want to explore new business opportunities, connect with potential partners, find clients, seek investment or expand existing business agreements.It is also vital to know that if you are from a country that requires a visa, you should apply for a temporary resident visa. There is no separate application for business visitors. In fact, the temporary resident visa surrounds all visitors, including those in Canada on business.

How to Obtain a Business Visitor Visa?

In this case, applications usually happen at a Canadian port of entry. But, again, if you are from a country that requires a visa, you first need to obtain a temporary resident visa to come to Canada. Upon arrival, talk to an immigration official and tell them you want to apply as a business visitor. Here is when having all the correct documents can save you much time and worry when entering Canada as a business visitor. Some people have had disappointment and difficulty at the port of entry. That’s why we always encourage applicants to hire an immigration consultant from the beginning of their process. 

Business Visitor Visa Canada

Usually, business visitors stay in Canada for a few days or even a couple of months to attend their events and meetings. Therefore, it is essential to have your schedule and prove that you won’t stay longer than six months in Canada.Therefore, to be considered a business visitor, you must demonstrate that:
  • You won’t enter the Canadian workforce, and the stay will be less than six months.
  • Proof that your incomes are outside of Canada,
  • Bring proper documentation of your business 
  • Hold a valid travel document
  • Prove you can support yourself while in Canada and going back to your home country.
  • Have genuine intentions of leaving Canada after your business is completed.

Apply for a Business Visitor Visa

There isn’t a special visa for business visitors to Canada. Then, you should follow the standard application for a visitor visa, or TRV, and indicate that you will enter Canada for international business activities. If you are from a country that doesn’t require a visa, you still need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to come to Canada by air. Another advantage is that business visitors can bring their family members to Canada. In this case, each family member must complete their own application.

Is it Necessary to Hire an Immigration Consultant?

As we mentioned before, it is not mandatory, but it is always better to have the assistance and guidance of an immigration consultant during your application process. This way, you can ensure you correctly do everything and meet the datelines required.You may think the procedure for a business visitor visa in Canada is straightforward. However, there is a higher risk of refusal if you don’t properly prepare your application and carefully review all the required documents and criteria. So, in the end, we will always suggest hiring a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer to take care of all your process and paperwork and guide you through every step of it. At mana immigration, we are experts in all types of Canadian visas. 
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