How to Improve your Score for Express Entry Canada 

How to Improve your Score for Express Entry Canada 
The Express Entry system in Canada is one of the most popular options for professionals and young families to immigrate to Canada. The system increases the targets every year and is aiming to welcome 1.2 M newcomers by 2023. So, how can you increase your options of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA)? Here, we have some advice to improve your application for Express Entry. Keep reading to discover some tips to boost your profile.

Top Ways to Boost your Express Entry Canada Profile 

When applying for Express Entry Canada, you want to ensure that your application has the highest chance of acceptance. It would help if you were sure you get the highest possible Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). And, what is the CRS?The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) are points used by Express Entry to rank candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada through one of the following programs: The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Trade Program, and Canada Experience Class.How Does it Work?The maximum number of points is 1,200. You will receive them based on your age, education, work experience, and language. Also, you can get additional points based on your job offers and adaptability factors.In the end, to receive an invitation for Express Entry Canada, the higher your CRS score is, the higher your chances are.Then, let’s take a look at some advice to improve your CRS score.

Improve your Language Skills 

Improving your language skills is one of the easiest ways to get a higher CRS score. You can do it by:
  • Retaking your language test
  • Learning another language
The Canadian Language Benchmark goes up to level CLB 9, so if your score is lower than that, you can still get more extra points to improve your profile.  On the other hand, if you try to learn French, you can get more points to get your score higher.

Increase Work Experience for Express Entry Canada

To apply through the Express Entry to Canada, we recommend having at least three years of work experience. If you still don’t have it, try to work more to complete it. Then, you can gain more skills, which will also mean getting more CRS points.  If you are already working in Canada on a temporary work permit, this work experience within the country makes it possible for you to receive even more CRS points.So, by the time you submit your application, be sure to indicate that you are currently working in Canada, as your points may increase while you work.Also, we recommend you list all your work experience in your Express Entry profile. Maybe one of your skills could be interesting for any province and lead you to receive a Provincial Nomination.

Receiving a Provincial Nomination (PN)

Under Express Entry Canada, the total number of points through the Comprehensive Ranking System is 1,200. If you receive a Provincial Nomination (PN), it awards you with 600 points.Usually, the CRS cut-off scores ranged between 430- 800. Then, if you receive a PN, you already have more points than the average number of candidates, and it guarantees you an Invitation to Apply.If receiving a Provincial Nomination, improving your language skills or getting more work experience isn’t enough for you. Remember that applicants between 20 – 29 have quickly 100 points, or receiving a Canadian job offer also grants you between 20 – 50 extra points.Start your Express Entry Canada application and get ready to live your dreams.
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