Move to Canada under the Owner Operator Work Permit

Move to Canada under the Owner Operator Work Permit

The Owner Operator Work Permit allows immigrants to work in Canada by establishing their own business. It is an immigration program that enables owners to get work experience and grant points to become Canadian permanent residents. 

In fact, for many investors, the best way to get their Canadian PR status is to manage their business in Canada. Why? Firstly, with this program, the principal applicant will have a work permit to run a company. Secondly, the spouse or partner-in-law gets a Canadian open work permit, and finally, dependent children will have study permits to attend public schools for free. 

Benefits Of The Owner Operator Work Permit:

The Owner Operator Work Permit is one of the most attractive pathways to live and work in Canada. It is economically profitable for applicants and meets the country’s interests. In effect, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

Consequently, they are making the process easier for entrepreneurs and their families. One of the best advantages of the Owner Operator program is that international investors can choose the region they want to settle before permanent residence is granted. Meanwhile, the spouse or common-in-law partner can get a job for any Canadian employer and wait for their PR status.

Owner Operator Work Permit’s Eligibility Criteria:

An entrepreneur wanting to settle and run a business in Canada must meet the eligibility criteria. To sum up, they must prove to have previous management experience, enough assets, and own more than 50% of the business’s shares.

After that, if you meet the requirements, you will receive a work permit for at least one year. And, you can extend it up to seven years. 

On the other hand, don’t worry if you are not fully skilled in English. Under the Owner Operator Work Permit, you can learn it while living in Canada. 

And, last but not least, after one year of experience working in Canada, you will receive 50 to 200 points for your express entry application.

Currently, IRCC is proceeding Owner Operator working permits faster than other immigration programs. It usually takes less than four months. Besides, during the first year of working in Canada, you can apply for your permanent residency.

Definitely, Canada is open to international entrepreneurs who want to invest and manage their businesses. In effect, this country has one of the best market environments. It offers high-quality life standards for you and your loved ones. 

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