Young Immigrants

Ideal For:

  • Students¬†under 16 Years of age
  • elementary, or high school students

Expected Results:

  • Studying at a world class school
  • Immigration Planning

Why Young Immigrants

Having a Canadian High-School or College Diploma will ultimately become a powerful tool for your child, as well as your entire family, to embark upon new life paths reinforced by Canadian educational experiences. Starting this unique journey early enables one to be a true bilingual; something which is quite difficult to achieve later in life.

Later on, your loved ones will be able to further their studies in their choice of world-class colleges and universities across the country, bringing them a whole new spectrum of experiences and possibilities in their future lives in Canada.

The “Young Immigrants” Program provides opportunities for students to be reunited with their loved ones residing in Canada. We can even arrange for one of the parents to accompany his/her child to Canada for the duration of the program and even aid them in applying for work permits to cover some of the living costs.

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