Two-Step Education Plan

Ideal For:

  • Individuals who are above 24
  • Individuals With NO Language Certificate
  • Students with Low GPA

Expected Results:

  • Study in a College and University
  • Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Form a solid Immigration Plan

Why Two-Step Education Plan

Many people around the world are willing to add more value into their life through education. Education can lead them into new potential openings for life such as job opportunities, immigration and social and personal accomplishments.

However, moving to another country requires skills and qualifications that many people may lack partially, yet intend to improve upon. As a rule of thumb, every single achievement is reinforced by strengths gained by overcoming hardships and barriers.

The language barrier is the most common obstacle hindering educational and immigration pathways. In addition, for both education and immigration purposes, candidates need to meet other stringent requirements such as an academic degree and occupational and professional training certificates.

This Two-Step Education Plan has been designed to help candidates improve upon their potential and move toward their desired goals by providing all the essential educational tools in the second country as required by each individual’s particular situation.

Also to aid in your studies abroad, we have established connections with certified Language Centres and Instructors in various cities to evaluate your language skills and provide targeted language training to help you to achieve an acceptable Language Test Score.

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