Start-Up To Immigrate

Ideal For:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Inventors
  • People with innovative ideas
  • Science-Based Companies

Expected Results:

  • Professional Business Development
  • Fund Raising Strategies
  • Support letter & Patent
  • Start-Up Visa (Permanent Residence)

Why Start-Up to Immigrate

Canada is renowned for its unique Start-Up programs, developed by the Government of Canada, targeting bright and innovative people, inviting them to join in and contribute to the Canadian business and innovation market. This valuable immigration program, which can lead to a Permanent Residence status, is aimed at attracting outstanding minds to Canada and navigating them through a well-defined pathway to obtain financial support from investment companies recognized by the Government of Canada.

By joining this program (with up to five shareholders), your company will benefit from our team of experts’ services as follows:

  • Business Development and Plan based on your Idea and in accordance with the Canadian Market/laws and regulations
  • Application for Investment Support from designated Investment companies
  • Fund Raising Strategies
  • Preparation of Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)
  • Patent Registration
  • Immigration Pathway to PR

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