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About MANA Immigration Services


MANA Immigration Services is a Canada-based immigration, business and education services company. Having a dedicated and knowledgeable in-house team of Certified Immigration Consultants, Professional Business Advisors, and Educational Experts, MANA Immigration offers specially tailored services for those who are planning to move to Canada (temporarily or permanently) based upon their own unique situations and requirements.

Based on the current market demands, as well as our company’s strengths, we have designed nine carefully planned packages to help our customers.


‘’Don’t Just Chase Your Dreams, Catch Them!’’

Bring Your Friends and Family to Canada
Make Your Dream a Reality
Find out how to help your friends and family members to move to Canada! Get the chance to book a 30-minute FREE consultation with our Regulated Immigration Consultants.
Visitor Visa
Learn how to help a family member or even a friend to get a visitor visa for Canada.
Super Visa
Are you not able to sponsor your parents? Learn more on how to have them next to you!
Spousal Sponsorship
Learn more about the spousal sponsorship package
Family Sponsorship
Check if you are qualified to sponsor parents or other eligible family members

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The Family Reunions Package has been designed to professionally assist our clients in legally bringing over their friends and families into Canada – temporarily or permanently.

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