Family Reunions

Ideal For Those Who:

  • Have children or grandchildren in Canada (PR or Citizen)
  • Wish to bring their spouse to Canada (PR or Citizen)
  • Wish to extend their Visa
  • Have close relatives or friends in Canada (PR or Citizen)
  • Have a potential business partner in Canada (PR or Citizen)

How Can I Join My Family in Canada

Many people around the world often wish to visit their close family and friends living in Canada in order to get to know them better, get a taste of Canadian life and to see firsthand what their relatives/friends have accomplished in Canada.

To address the ever increasing number of people wanting to visit this vast and lovely land, the Government of Canada has introduced various pathways to aid people in achieving their individual goals:

  • Visitor Visas
  • Spousal Sponsorships
  • Parent and Grandparent Sponsorships
  • Super Visas

The Family Reunion Package has been designed to professionally assist our clients in legally bringing over their friends and families into Canada – temporarily or permanently.

Invitation Letter for Families and Friends

Based on detailed information from your guests and yourself (a thorough document checklist will be provided), we will draft a tailor-made formal Letter of Invitation, accompanied by all necessary supporting documents, which will significantly increase the chance of visa approval for your loved ones.


Business Invitation Letter for Potential Business Partnerships

We will provide you with a list of required documentation related to your business (confidentiality guaranteed via our terms and conditions) and your potential business partner.  Once received, we will then professionally present your business proposal reinforced by supporting documents, along with a tailor-made formal Business Invitation Letter.   This will greatly increase the chances of your business partnership being granted entry into Canada.

Want to Join Your Loved Ones in Canada?

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