English Camp

Ideal For:

  • Students under 16
  • University or College Students under the age of 22

Expected Results:

  • Unique Life-Changing Experiences
  • Improved Language Skills
  • Fresh Educational Opportunities

Why English Camp

Canada has been repeatedly ranked among the top 10 happiest countries in the world. Experiencing authentic Canadian life will definitely create some amazing and everlasting memories that may even inspire your child in his/her future endeavors.

Learning English as a second language will open up numerous opportunities for a young person across the globe. The English Camp program has been designed for all students under the age of 22 to visit Canada and intensely work on their English language skills in an award winning and nationally recognized language institution in Toronto, Canada.

Students will be involved in a wide range of activities alongside other students from a broad range of other countries, helping all the students concerned to improve upon their social skills whilst improving upon their English skills at the same time.

Finally, the English Camp program provides opportunities for students to be reunited with their loved ones in residing in Canada. We can even arrange for one of the parents to accompany his/her child to Canada for the duration of the program.

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